Why You Need To Use Weed Killer

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Weed killer is a staple in any garden store and you might be wondering why you should be using it. Some people believe that pulling out the weeds would be better for the environment, but there are times when you should be using a weed killer.

Pulling Versus Weed Killer

Pulling out weeds is a good idea if you are averse to the use of chemicals in your garden. However, you need to be careful with this because you may not be getting all of the weed when you pull it. If part of the weed is left in the ground it will continue to grow and you will be left with a recurring problem. This is one of the reasons why you should look at using weed killer instead. Better still consult with a professional landscaping company to get the best results.

Clearing Paths And Patios

Weeds that appear on your path and patio are unsightly and you will want to get rid of them completely. As the root system of these weeds will be below the paving stones or patio you will need to use a weed killer that targets them. These weed killers will work through the plant and kill the root system which stops them from reappearing.

Weeds In Your Lawn

Most people feel that a few weeds in their lawn is not a problem, but you have to be careful as when they flower they will spread rapidly and soon take over your lawn area. There are many weed killers that have been created with these lawn weeds in mind. The weed killers are selective and will target the weeds and not the rest of your lawn and can be used to target any broad leaf plants.

Weeds In Beds And Borders

There are many different types of weeds which appear in your beds and borders. While manual weeding is a solution, when there is a large problem you will need to turn to weed killers. The weed killers will provide you with an effective result for less time than manual removal. Glyphosate-based weed killers are recommended because they will kill the weeds and their roots. The only problem is that they will kill any plant that they touch so you need to be careful.

You Don’t Have To Use Chemicals

One of the reasons why people are opposed to weed killers is the fact that they are chemicals. If you want to avoid chemicals in your garden there are a number of natural weed killers that you should consider. Of course, you will need to be careful with these natural weed killers because some of them could remove nutrients from the ground and create a dead zone.

Using a weed killer is an option that you need to consider for a number of reasons. While manual weed pulling may help, it is time-consuming and could result in the roots of the plant being left behind which will allow the weeds to grow back again. Weed killers will kill the root system of the weed stopping them from coming back.