The Threat of a Hosepipe Ban?

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This summer just continues to get hotter and hotter. This is the third spell in a little over 8 weeks where we’ve enjoyed temperatures over 30 degrees Celsius and we’re still only at the start of July!

In these extreme temperatures your garden will need to tended and watered as best you can. There is no hose pipe ban in place at the moment and the local thunder storms have helped keep the plants well hydrated but one can’t rule out a hosepipe ban later in the summer if this weather continues.

Remember that all plants are different and each one will have different levels of dehydration. Young plants and those exposed to the most sunlight will need the most watering while those that are deep rooted or spend part of the day in shade will need comparatively less water.

The type of soil in your garden will also influence how frequently you need to water your plants. Sandy soils soak up water quickly and will require more watering then say clay type soils. Adding compost and other organic matter will go some way to slow the absorption down and mean your plants get a greater benefit from the water.

If a hoe pipe ban comes in then you will be forced to use some of the techniques we’ve discussed and water your garden by hand, often with a watering can. If you have a large garden this may take you some time but hopefully the tips we’ve given you will help make it all that easier. The good thing is that Autumn is not too far away so the days of watering your garden by hand won’t go on for ever. As always you can contact any of our team of experts if you have a specific question about your own garden.