Landscape Gardeners in Oxford

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Fine Vistas Landscaping offer bespoke landscaping services to Oxford and the surrounding areas. We build fences, patios, ponds, awnings and beautiful landscaped gardens. Our team of experts has a combined experience of over 30 years in landscaping expertise and we pride ourselves on our high quality of service.

If you want your landscaping gardening to be a success, you’ll want to make sure that you offer things your competitors don’t. If you are able to stand out from your competition, you will be able to attract a lot more business.

oxford landscapingHere are a few things you will want to make sure your company offers.


Make sure that anyone that is considering working with you has plenty of options. You should offer services on a weekly, monthly, and seasonal basis. In addition, you should allow people to purchase services ala carte. If someone needs a garden landscaper to handle their yard for a week, you should be willing to take that job.

Customers usually have something specific in mind when they work with a landscaping company. Make sure that you can give them the thing that other companies won’t.

Offer A Variety Of Services

Don’t just offer basic lawn care services. Try to provide a variety of different services to your client. As an example, you could provide mulching services. You could also offer some seasonal services, like leaf raking, in the Autumn. Many people will pay you to do the job instead of hiring a local kid for less.

Set The Price Right

Pricing can be difficult for any company. You want your prices to be on par with the rates the competition are charging; otherwise, people will go for the cheaper option. However, you will also want to make sure that your company is bringing in steady revenue. Do some local market research, and figure out what you can afford to charge.

Make sure that your landscaping firm offers something that your competitors don’t. Give people a reason to work with you and not someone else.