Creating a Landscape With No Grass

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Here’s what you do if you have no grass and you need to create a nice landscaped garden for your home. You grab some cacti, a few tumbleweeds, and no, I’m just kidding. In all seriousness, I now have your attention, and I can tell you some great ideas to make your garden look very nice. First things first, your best friend is mulch, and you need bags of the stuff. You’re not going to spread it around like you’re creating a playground, but you’re going to use it extensively.



What type of mulch you use is important. You might want to plan out the rest of your landscape prior to choosing which mulch and especially how much. Personally, my favorite is black mulch, as it stays dark and looks nice over time, as well as serving its purpose. By the way, the mention of using the cactus may have been part of a joke, but cacti are great if you want the southwestern style landscape. I’m familiar with this having lived in Texas before for nine years.

What else can you think that would work out well? First of all, think about any ground coverings that you would like to incorporate into your landscape planning efforts. Different types of gravel and paving stones are often used as well. You can plant trees, bushes and flowers, mulching around them as necessary. However, really think about this next big tip.

At one point, I wanted to create a ‘Secret Garden,’ so I know a thing or two about what it means to include ornamental objects. I never did really include any of them, but I did have the planning set. I was going to put a concrete bench over there between the two trees that were growing. The fence was already up with all kinds of flowers, plants and especially vines growing. Of course, I had grass, so it was a different setting.

The point is you can include ornamental landscape objects like the concrete bench or perhaps a concrete fountain. Even the paving you choose can make everything look really nice and decorative. Concrete vases are also a great idea. Just don’t overdo it with the concrete because you’ll likely have concrete poured in places as well. That’s another helpful tip, but you just want the landscape to look nice. Add some patio furniture, a nice grill, perhaps a pool, a portable hot tub and whatever else you like and you have yourself a backyard.